When buying or selling a house be sure you can
trust the condition the property is in.

A thorough house or building inspection by a qualified
‘A Buyer’s Choice’ house inspector will give you peace of mind .

Benefits of having a House Inspection and Building Reports

The sale is more likely to go through.
A lot of banks require a
qualified house inspection / building report
before granting a mortgage.

An independent House Inspection provides an
unbiased overview of the state of the house.

Knowledge of Issues
A full disclosure of any issues of the house that need attention
which reduces your liability. 

Realistic overview of any repairs needed.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind is one of the many benefits.

Phil Yang is a qualified and professional A Buyer’s Choice House inspector for Auckland area and has been accepted as a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNaCHI). 

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Phil Yang carries full public liability  and professional indemnity insurance for every property inspected. He