Maxe Janssen

Qualified House Inspector and ‘A Buyer’s Choice’ FranchiseeHouse Inspector Maxe Janssen

Previously Maxe was a Quality Systems Engineer.  She also has managed several of her own properties.
This experience, as well as her training in  House and Building Inspection, has equipped her well  to spot anything needing attention in your current or future home.

Maxe is also trained to carry out
testing for Meth/”P” (Methamphetamine) contamination.

A comprehensive building inspection report
will be issued by Maxe, providing peace of mind
about the house you are buying or selling.

Maxe is fully insured and has a team
of experts backing her.

A Buyer’s Choice House Inspection has a 5 Star rating on No Cowboys.
So, if you want peace of mind about the house or building you are buying, selling or living ask for it to be checked by Maxe Janssen.

Takapuna, Auckland

Telephone: 027 932 4325  (027 WE CHECK)

Email:  maxe.janssen@abuyerschoice.co.nz
Website: Maxe Janssen at ‘A Buyer’s Choice’ House and Building Inspections