House Inspectors Are they all the same?

Are all House Inspectors the same?

Quality Control for House InspectionsWhen buying or selling a house it is a good policy to make sure you know exactly what condition it is in. To make sure there are no unpleasant surprises, like the couple waking up to termites on their first day, it pays to get a home inspection.
What to look for in an House Inspector?
In New Zealand there are no regulations about qualifications for House Inspections.
The type of inspectors could be:
Unqualified inspectors.
Building inspector working with the council, who are checking the house while it is built and on completion.
Qualified house inspector,
who did intensive training and tests, i.e. with InterNachi, who checks all aspects of a house
and follows the guidelines of a code book .

A Buyer’s Choice House Inspector like Maxe Janssen

  • carries an indemnity Insurance
  • is required to do ongoing training
  • belongs to an InterNachi Association
  • provides a Guarantee
  • follows the Guidelines of the Code book
  • can show you a Sample Report
  • checks for Maintenance Issues

Make sure you get your House inpected by a qualified ‘A Buyer’s Choice’ House Inspector.

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Investing Guide for buying Property

A Guide to Investing in Property

The article on Quotable Value(QV),Investing - make money grow
a website which provides excellent tools for determening the value of a house, gives great tips to help with being informed about the property you are thinking of investing in.

One of the five points to consider, mentioned in the QV article, is to be aware of the financial risk.

Another risk is the actual ‘physical state of the house’.
Just recently a couple woke up to termites just after they moved into their new home.
A thourough House Inspection done by a qualified A Buyer’s Choice Inspector can give you peace of mind and is well worth the investment.

Knowing the rules if you are planning to alter or renovate the house is another point made by QV.

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House prizes in New Zealand for 2020 from QV on

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