A Buyer s Choice Home Inspections in Auckland and other areas of New Zealand

  Home Inspections by A Buyer’s Choice are available in AA Buyer's Choice Logouckland and in other areas of New Zealand.

Are you or your friends thinking of buying or selling a house?
A house inspection is always advisable, even for a house you live in or are renting out to tenants. It could save money, time and give you a competitive edge.

To find a  qualified home inspector please refer to the list below.

Auckland Areas

Maxe Janssen 

Takapuna, Devonport, East Coast Bays, Ponsonby, Point Chevalier

Kevin Williams North Shore

Duane Turner Waitakere area

Stephen Boyd  West Auckland

Zoe Parson  Mission Bay


Patrick Herbert Tauranga, Mount Manganui

Hawkes Bay

John Potgieter
John’s blog 


Neville Smith 

Hamilton East, Waikato

Paul Overwater 

If you are interested in becoming a House Inspector, you can become part of the A Buyer’s choice franchise.Find out more about this opportunity
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