How to prepare for a House Inspections

Preparing for a House Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is a good policyHome Inspection Preparations
to have a home inspection.
To make this easier for all concerned, it would be good to prepare before the home inspector arrives.
Some of these preparations could mean that the inspector find less things to report about, issues you maybe able to easily fix yourself before hand.
You can read about some of the issues the comprehensive report from the House Inspector will cover here.
Clearing your personal belongings, from any area that may need inspection, is one important preparation, since the inspector is not allowed to move them.
The video below provides great tips on how to prepare your home.

For more tips check out the article on How to prepare your home for an inspection on Wiki How, which covers:

  • Addressing common issues before a house Inspection
  • Making an Inspection easy on the home inspector
  • Doing minor home maintenance prior to an inspection

Video Credit: Glenda Black

Image Credit: Wikivisual on Wiki How

How to find Tradespeople to fix defects the House Inspection discovered

After a House Inspection – How to find Tradespeople to fix issues

Tradespeople fix HouseAn inspection of your property by a qualified house inspector will make sure,  that the house you are buying or selling, or living in has no unknown defects.

‘A Buyer’s Choice’ house inspection will provide you with a very detailed report, including any issues, like dampness, rotten wood or even termites.

How would your find someone to fix any of these problems to increase the safety and value of your house?

Ways to find Tradespeople

Finding a tradesman or tradeswoman you can trust to do a good job and also charge you a fair price may not be easy, unless you have recommendations.
Below is are some of the platforms online which provide listings and in some cases ratings or reviews of tradespeople.


Businesses pay a monthly or yearly fee to be registered with NoCoboys.
As a customer, you can check out the ratings of the tradespeople and leave a rating when the job is done.

‘A Buyer’s choice’ home inspection has a 5 Star rating  and a 99% approval from over 130 authenticated ratings in the period of  2014-2017.  


Builderscrack has a vigorous sign up process for tradespeople, verifying their qualifications and identity. 
It caters for house owners who want to find someone to fix anything related to property, as well as for tradespeople to find someone to work on the job with them.
There is a cost estimator which allows you to find what a job would cost in the different categories of trades.
When you post a job request, Builderscrack provides a list of upto 12 trades professionals in your area.
The tradie winning the bid for the job will be charged a fee of 5 % upto NZ $750.
There is an option of customers leaving a review.


Business listing, Reviews, events.


Search New Zealand Directories, Listings and Reviews

Link U2


Trademe is another way to find tradespeople
under the  category for
Building and Renovation

Image Credit: 3dman_eu on Pixabay