New Healthy Homes Standards for New Zealand

Healthy Homes Standards

The was a protest in 2014 in Wellington in which people wanted aHealthy Homes protest
Warrant of Fitness for rental homes in New Zealand.
On 1 July 2019 the Healthy Home standards became law.
This article give and overview of the minimum and specific standards for rental properties.
Check out the in depth  general information  for  Healthy Homes on the Tenancy Services Website,
which includes a map for New Zealand Climate Zones.

Heating Standard

A fixed heater which is at least 1.5 kW in heating capacity which can maintain at least 18 degrees Celsius in the living room must be provided by the landlord.
The Tenancy Services have an Online Heating assessment tool

Insulation standard

For a drier home, less heating cost and to reduce the risk of mould it is important that the property is insulated. All rental homes require insulation from the 1. July 2019.
Click here for the Insulation Standards

Info on Mould and Dampness

Online Insulation Tool

Ventilation standard

In a rental home there must  be at least 5 %  of the wall space of each room possible to be opened. Extractor fans must be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Download the ventilation guidance document. [PDF, 824 KB]

Moisture ingress and drainage standard

The health for the tenants can be compromised by dampness.
The quality of the property can affected by dampness which is a result of moisture.
Storm water, surface water and ground water must have efficient drainage for easy removal.

Download the moisture ingress and drainage guidance document. [PDF, 929 KB]

Draught stopping standard

Landlords must make sure that gaps (larger than 3 mm) that are not part of the intentional construction need to be sealed. To prevent draughts any unused fireplaces must be closed or their chimneys must be blocked.

Download the draught stopping guidance document. [PDF, 790 KB]

There are some
Exemptions to the healthy homes standards

Healthy homes compliance time frames

This information has been made possible thanks to the

Tenancy Services Website

You can download the PDF for the Healthy Homes Standard 

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